Interior Design Trends for Luxury Homes, Spring 2017

Posted by Roy Barbu MBA on Monday, April 24th, 2017 at 10:53am.

interior design trends for luxury homes, spring 2017

A home is like a blank slate with the potential for reflecting whatever you want it to. The hottest, most sought after design trends for luxury homes in the year 2017 are right at your fingertips. Earth tone hues and plants are just a few of the most popular design trends for this year.

Designing the interior of any home is never an easy feat, but it can be an exceptionally rewarding one. While sometimes acquiring help from professionals is necessary to get the most out of your ideas, adding your own unique spin on these designs has grown exponentially popular.

In the year 2017, the distinctive and the unusual are sure to be on top!

The Great Outdoors

Work, busy schedules, school, or indoor recreational activities are all reasons why people just can’t seem to get out and about as much as they’d like to. Given all of that, a nature-based theme for luxury interiors is a big trend for 2017.

Earth tones with a dash or two of deep forest greens have the potential to bring nature right into the home. Natural lighting can bring brightness into the home while also cutting down on electric bills and repair costs. Adding in plants is another excellent way to bring the outdoors inside. Cacti, exotic fern palms, and aloe vera are just three of the increasingly popular house plants in 2017.

Wood and Marble

Following the great outdoors theme, wood and marble have taken hold in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Back in 2016, tile was the name of the game, especially in bathrooms and kitchens; but now, the swirling, unique lines of marble are really catching interest. Not only is real marble used on countertops and walls, but it is also a trendy design for carpets and wall coverings.

‘Cerused’ wood has been a trend in the interior of luxury homes for some time, but it’s really taken hold in 2017. It’s very popular in the world of cabinets and furniture, and it can also be found in flooring. The unique style of the ‘cerused’ finish really brings out the colors and textures of the wood. Rather than use a lacquer or other form of shiny finish, this style can add a very natural and warm feel to any kind of room.

Where Are Design Trends Headed?

There’s no doubt that interior trends for luxury homes this spring will have a lot of impact and style. The influence of nature and the general desire to bring it from the outside in has sprung up many new and beautiful leaves on the luxury home front.

Without any doubt, following the desire of our senses has greatly influenced the trends. Where once metals and open floor plans dominated, now various types of wood and cozy nooks are the way to go. With consumerism rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and with environmental options becoming more available, the trends for 2017 are leaning toward a smarter, more nature-based way of living.

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