5 Tips for Selling Your Boca Raton Luxury Property in 2017!

Posted by Roy Barbu MBA on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 8:11am.

5 tips fpr selling your boca raton luxury home in 2017

There are many nuances to selling a luxury property. In Boca Raton, a market known for luxury homes and condos, there are numerous things that sellers should do to stand out in the market. With the high demand for luxury properties in the area, it’s important to work with an agent who knows what they are doing and who can entice buyers looking for a luxury home.

Here are 5 tips for selling your Boca Raton luxury property:

1. Make Sure Your Agent has Luxury Selling Experience

The marketing of a luxury property is undoubtedly the most important factor in selling your home. It’s vitally important to work with a real estate agent that is experienced marketing luxury homes.

Before hiring an agent, interview them about their past projects to make sure they have sufficient experience in the luxury market. Luxury sellers are notorious for knowing exactly what they want and an experienced luxury seller will know exactly how to give it to them.

2. Invest in Lavish Staging

Luxury sales are not only selling a property, but also a lifestyle. It’s important for buyers to picture themselves in your home if you want to secure a sale. In many cases, this means investing in quality staging with lavish furniture and décor that screams opulence.

3. Include a Unique Incentive

Luxury buyers enjoy incentives as much as anyone else. When it comes to closing a deal on your Boca Raton luxury property, including an interesting and unique incentive is a great way to seal the deal. Some examples of opulent incentives include a year’s membership at a country club, a piece of art for the home, or any other sumptuous collector’s item that could be coveted by a buyer.

4. Show the Home as Much as Possible

Many sellers feel that creating a sense of mystery is a good way to create hype over a property. This could not be further from the truth. The best way to showcase affluence and sell the home is by showcasing as much of it as possible. Investing in high-quality real estate pictures, a video tour, and other marketing materials is best. If these materials are produced right, they will entice buyers to look at your home as a serious contender for their purchase.

5. Set the Right Price

Most buyers who are looking to purchase a luxury property are successful and savvy business people who know what they want. These personality types also know how to spot a good deal, which is why setting the right price from the start is so important. Working with an experienced luxury real estate agent can help provide vital information about the average prices in the local market, ensuring that your luxury property is not priced too low or too high to alienate potential buyers.

For more information on selling or buying luxury real estate in Boca Raton, contact the Boca Dreams Team online or call us at 1 (561) 245-1387 today.

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