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Wellington is situated within 25 minutes of BOCA RATON and is one of the foremost equestrian communities in the us.  here at bocadreams we wanted to introduce you to this MAGNIFICENT town. please enjoy our video introduction to wellington. 



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interior design trends for luxury homes, spring 2017

A home is like a blank slate with the potential for reflecting whatever you want it to. The hottest, most sought after design trends for luxury homes in the year 2017 are right at your fingertips. Earth tone hues and plants are just a few of the most popular design trends for this year.

Designing the interior of any home is never an easy feat, but it can be an exceptionally rewarding one. While sometimes acquiring help from professionals is necessary to get the most out of your ideas, adding your own unique spin on these designs has grown exponentially popular.

In the year 2017, the distinctive and the unusual are sure to be on top!

The Great Outdoors

Work, busy schedules, school, or indoor recreational activities are all reasons why

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Millenials, members of a large group born between the early 1980’s and the late 1990’s have found themselves in a very tough spot.  Ridden by student loan debt and low paying jobs has made it very difficult for them to become first time home buyers.  However, at BocaDreams, we are expecting a monumental shift in the Boca Raton Market over the next several years.  As Millenials take on life’s responsibilities of becoming parents and find better paying jobs in South Florida we expect the the economy to surge leading to better wages leading to a much higher demand for single family homes and A rated schools.

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Spring Festivals Near Boca Raton

With spring in the air, it's a great time of year to get out and enjoy some sunshine and explore some of the fantastic community events surrounding Boca Raton.

Here are some of the top spring festivals near Boca Raton.

Delray Affair

Delray Beach – April 7-9

Take a stroll through downtown Delray Beach this weekend, and partake in the largest arts and crafts festival in the Southeast United States. Stretching 12 city blocks, the event features fine and funky art from international creators, live music, and delicious entrees. No matter what your tastes, you'll find a bite to eat and piece worth taking home at this spectacular street fair.

Chinese Lantern Festival

Boca Raton – February 24 - April 9

If you haven't had a chance already

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