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Boca Raton is a world-famous destination in Florida. With a dizzying number of parks, golf courses, and bike trails, there’s no telling what kind of fun and excitement you’ll encounter. And with all of that adventuring, who wouldn’t want to settle down for a great cup of coffee afterward? Thankfully, there are dozens of incredible coffee shops and cafes to choose from!

R1 Coffee Company

With a super friendly atmosphere and modern décor, this fantastic coffee shop is a relatively new addition to the city. Its environment caters to all ages, and it is said to roast the best coffee in all of Boca Raton. Top-rated coffee and a welcoming location make R1 Coffee a popular destination.

Some of their offerings include espressos, cappuccinos, iced lattes,

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the best local apps every boca raton resident should use

Have you ever thought about using your phone as a resource in gorgeous Boca Raton? While the cell phone was originally created to talk to people, the times have changed! Now it is everything from a phone to a map to an encyclopedia and more. Apple iPhones, Androids, and Smartphones all have some incredible options when it comes to travelling, local restaurants, shopping opportunities, and fun!

Must Have Travel Apps

The Boca Raton app is one of the best apps you can have in the city. Not only is it designed specifically for Boca Raton, it’s also easy to use and full of information. Check out events that are near you or coming up, don’t be afraid to explore, and have a great time seeing all the sights. It’s a free app that connects you to just

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5 boca raton luxury home features buyers want most

Buyers on the hunt for luxury property in Boca Raton aren’t just in it because they have the money, they are buying such opulent homes for a number of specific reasons. Of course, these reasons do vary, but the most prominent ones lean toward location, technology, the great outdoors, gourmet kitchens, and private retreats.

Location is Everything

There is nothing better than a great location, and it is usually the first thing on a buyer’s list. Convenient travel distance from amenities means that buyers don’t have to spend hours in the car, in a taxi, or on a bus to get to where they’d like to be. Things like shopping, work, social events, and fun are all essential necessities that everyone is looking for!

More than amenities, buyers want

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great places to eat in and around boca raton, fl

When it comes to food, Boca Raton has got to be one of the most sophisticated and unique places to eat in the world. With white sand beaches, brilliant sunshine, and great people, it really can’t get any better! The city isn’t too large, but it’s big enough that it has something for everyone. Find scrumptious steak houses, Italian delicacies, wine bars, classic pubs, and so much more!

Fine Dining and Specialty Foods

If you’re not in a rush and want to spend a night out with good friends or family, or maybe even a date, then Boca Raton has just the fine dining options you’ve been looking for. Find marvelous gourmet food and excellent service with the distinct vibe of luxury and enjoyment at Six Tables a Restaurant. Also enjoy incredible wine and

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how to hire a great property management company

So you’ve decided to rent out a room or a suite in your home, or maybe you’ve just purchased a condo or apartment complex, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it.

There are a number of factors to consider before you decide to take the leap into the world of property management and rentals, such as the distance between your home and your rental property and how frequently you can actually go there to manage it. There are certain land lording laws and regulations that also need to be followed, as well as financial commitments.

Given all of these variables, hiring a property management company that works for both you and your potential clients can save you a lot of time and grief in the future.

Benefits of a Property Management Company

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Wellington is situated within 25 minutes of BOCA RATON and is one of the foremost equestrian communities in the us.  here at bocadreams we wanted to introduce you to this MAGNIFICENT town. please enjoy our video introduction to wellington. 



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interior design trends for luxury homes, spring 2017

A home is like a blank slate with the potential for reflecting whatever you want it to. The hottest, most sought after design trends for luxury homes in the year 2017 are right at your fingertips. Earth tone hues and plants are just a few of the most popular design trends for this year.

Designing the interior of any home is never an easy feat, but it can be an exceptionally rewarding one. While sometimes acquiring help from professionals is necessary to get the most out of your ideas, adding your own unique spin on these designs has grown exponentially popular.

In the year 2017, the distinctive and the unusual are sure to be on top!

The Great Outdoors

Work, busy schedules, school, or indoor recreational activities are all reasons why

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Millenials, members of a large group born between the early 1980’s and the late 1990’s have found themselves in a very tough spot.  Ridden by student loan debt and low paying jobs has made it very difficult for them to become first time home buyers.  However, at BocaDreams, we are expecting a monumental shift in the Boca Raton Market over the next several years.  As Millenials take on life’s responsibilities of becoming parents and find better paying jobs in South Florida we expect the the economy to surge leading to better wages leading to a much higher demand for single family homes and A rated schools.

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