5 Boca Raton Luxury Home Features Buyers Want Most

Posted by Roy Barbu MBA on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 at 8:10am.

5 boca raton luxury home features buyers want most

Buyers on the hunt for luxury property in Boca Raton aren’t just in it because they have the money, they are buying such opulent homes for a number of specific reasons. Of course, these reasons do vary, but the most prominent ones lean toward location, technology, the great outdoors, gourmet kitchens, and private retreats.

Location is Everything

There is nothing better than a great location, and it is usually the first thing on a buyer’s list. Convenient travel distance from amenities means that buyers don’t have to spend hours in the car, in a taxi, or on a bus to get to where they’d like to be. Things like shopping, work, social events, and fun are all essential necessities that everyone is looking for!

More than amenities, buyers want privacy. They want their beautiful luxury home to be surrounded by palms and trees so that they can feel as though they’re in their own special world. They don’t want to see highways or bike paths or people walking up and down sidewalks in front of their home.

Technological Times

In today’s world, we rely so heavily on technology that most of us don’t even think about it anymore. Even our cars have computers built into them, and cellphones are generally an extension of us.

When it comes to houses, buyers want the same thing, both for accessibility and peace of mind. Easily control the temperature of your home or adjust lighting to the perfect ambiance.

More than just comfort, this technology allows people to check in while they’re somewhere else entirely. Look at security cameras, alarm systems, and even lock doors and windows with the touch of a button. Even better, it’s possible to sync all of these features onto your smartphone or tablet!

The Great Outdoors

Another big item on buyers’ lists is outdoor space. Luxury living means that many home owners are looking for gorgeous places to entertain guests or family members. This means they’re after large patios, outdoor kitchens, and full bars.

Florida is absolutely stunning all year round, who wouldn’t want to utilize as much outdoor space as possible? The more natural the space is, too, the better. Imagine sitting on your patio, overlooking beautiful landscapes that glow during phenomenal sunsets, while clinking wine glasses with your favorite people.

Gourmet Kitchens

With large areas to entertain guests and family members comes the need for a fantastic gourmet kitchen! Many buyers are looking for more than just the space, though. They want features that include warming drawers to keep meals from getting cold and commercial-style appliances.

Wine tasting rooms and wine cellars have also grown very popular, along with pantries and upscale counter tops made of the finest marble or granite.

Private Retreat

No home is complete without a private, quiet space to call your own. Buyers are interested in secluded master bedrooms that are well away from other household activities. Spa-like atmospheres with large walk-in closets, custom lighting, and gigantic dressing rooms are just a few of the many things private retreats can provide.

All in all, buyers are on the hunt for comfort, convenience, solitude, and security. While there are a myriad of things that people look for in a luxury home, these top five features are all at the very top!

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