The Best Local Apps Every Boca Raton Resident Should Use

Posted by Roy Barbu MBA on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at 1:33pm.

the best local apps every boca raton resident should use

Have you ever thought about using your phone as a resource in gorgeous Boca Raton? While the cell phone was originally created to talk to people, the times have changed! Now it is everything from a phone to a map to an encyclopedia and more. Apple iPhones, Androids, and Smartphones all have some incredible options when it comes to travelling, local restaurants, shopping opportunities, and fun!

Must Have Travel Apps

The Boca Raton app is one of the best apps you can have in the city. Not only is it designed specifically for Boca Raton, it’s also easy to use and full of information. Check out events that are near you or coming up, don’t be afraid to explore, and have a great time seeing all the sights. It’s a free app that connects you to just about everything that’s happening in the city.

The Florida 511 app is another necessity; its job is to tell you whether or not there are traffic accidents, construction zones, or general delays. It has a 200 mile radius that covers everything from highways to back roads.

Hurricane Tracker WESH 2 is the perfect app for storm season. Local shelters, evacuation points, threat meters, and interactive maps are just some of the great features this app has to offer. Even better, this hurricane app is free!

One of the most used apps of all time, Kayak can offers everything from gas station locations to rest stops to car rentals. To top it all off, you can even use Kayak to book a hotel for the night. It has a number of other amazing options as well, including flight and itinerary information.

An app called Gas Buddy has the potential to save you an impressive amount of money on both gas and travelling. It’s really easy to use, too; all you have to do is put in your GPS coordinates, and Gas Buddy will show you the closest gas stations along with the price of gas at each station.

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Boca Raton’s Great Outdoors!

While apps can be an efficient tool, they can also be great fun and exciting in the great outdoors; given that, one of the most important travel apps you can have in Boca Raton is a map to beach access points. Since the sunny city is close to the water, there are literally hundreds of ways to access public beaches. The best app for those points is the Florida State Parks Guide. This app boasts more than 2000 access points and is truly a must have for locals and tourists alike.

FLStateParks is an ideal app if you’re ready to visit some of the gorgeous parks in the Boca Raton area. Spanish River Park, Red Reef Park, and South Beach Park: Boca Raton are just three of the amazing parks that this app will guide you through. Check out hiking trails, paddling routes, and more!

Florida State Parks and Beaches is another excellent outdoor app. This one is geared less toward hikers and more toward the general outdoor community. Find information on fishing, camping, beaches, bicycle trails, and hiking.

Fun in Boca Raton

What’s a day in Boca Raton without sunshine and fun? For the music lovers, check out apps like Spotify. The app has seemingly limitless albums and artists with thousands of songs to choose from.

Animo is an app that allows you to essentially create a scrapbook on your phone. Simply add photos and allow it to show them off in a high quality video. Findery is as visual as Amino, but its purpose is different: it’s designed to locate must-see destinations chosen by locals. With this app, you’ll never have an excuse to miss out on the best that Boca Raton has to offer.

Audible is excellent app for those who love to read. Check out all the best sellers, purchase audiobooks, and even read them from your phone. If you’re travelling in a car or on a bus, reading is an excellent and fun way to pass the time!

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